Being in a city like Rotterdam all locations of Rotterdam Capital Days will be easily accessible by bike, safe and fast. If you don’t have access to a bike or feel like using a more motorized solution we have the following special deals.

Felyx offers shared electric scooters for €0,30 per minute. Within the service area you can reserve and park felyx e-scooters anywhere you want. Use the felyx app to locate, reserve and activate the nearest e-scooter. Download the Felyx-app (App Store/Google Play) and register for free with the promo code RDC19 and receive 15 free driving minutes to try felyx!

  • The code is valid 10/9–22/9 2019
  • The code is only available for new registrations
  • The code gives access to 15 minutes usage, and no registration costs needed(normally €8)
  • The offer is available for 14 days after the code is used.

Instead of grabbing a car for those short rides around town, Lev figured why not go small and electric? They make shared light electric vehicles accessible to everyone. As not-really-cars, they’re easy to park and use, and keep you safe and protected from the outside elements. Now available in Rotterdam.

Download the Lev-app (App Store/Google Play) and use promo code CAPITAL

Use the Juuve cars to ride through the capitol of capital! Download the app(App Store/Google Play), register for free and book your car for just €10,- per day. Cars can be found throughout the city, with cars around Rotterdam Central Station being the most convenient if you arrive by train.